You need to count on your website to market your products. But, you know nothing about handling a website. After all, you are a boat dealer, not a webmaster. You can count on us to help you. With over 3 decades of marine marketing experience, we understand exactly what you need. You can count on us to guide you thru the maze with outstanding results. From easy to follow navigation to properly displayed inventory, we know how to make your site sell boats for you. And, it won't be a cookie cutter template that looks like every other marine site. It will be YOUR site made to YOUR specs.

1. Know Thy Product

Most dealership website systems are happy showing the customer all about the dealership and your services. But, that isn't what your customers are shopping. They are looking for A BOAT first - your dealership is second. Once they find the boat of their dreams, then they want to know about your dealership.

With that in mind, we design your site to promote THE PRODUCT first and your dealership second. Yes, let's get that straight. The customer originally comes to your site for one reason and one reason only. THE PRODUCT! They want to know as much as possible about a particular product you have. So give it to them! Make your inventory easy to find and present every boat properly. Upload high quality images straight from your digital camera! Shoot some video and post it to your product page. SDR's system makes it all as easy as PIE! If you want we will even take you through a crash boat photography course from an industry veteran photographer! You won't find any image size restraints here! You won't find any character counts or restrictions on video length. Post what does the product justice. We are here to enable, not restrict.

You say you have no idea how to edit web pages?
Easy to Use Interface allows you to manage your own inventory anytime

We make it easy for you to manage all your inventory yourself. By way of a simple interface, we gather the information you have about your new inventoried item. You can add, subtract or edit each piece of inventory at anytime - in simple easy to understand terms. You deal with the product information, we build the page for you. We even feed this information to other portals so you don't have to duplicate your efforts.

2. Know Thy Customer

So a potential customer visits your site... clicks around to a few different pages... clicks around to a few different boats... finds one that tweaks their interest.... and submits a question through a lead form....

With a 'normal' lead system you would receive an email in your inbox the next morning telling you the customer was interested in 'boat x'. Maybe the customer requested a quote, or more information. Other than this basic information you are pretty much shooting blind on a response. Maybe it's a highly qualified buyer who has done their research. Maybe they have spent hours on your site looking at several models... But... Maybe they are just a tire kicker who happened upon your site somehow.

How great would it be to have the lead texted to your smart phone instantly when the lead is entered? AND, how great would it be to know exactly what that customer looked at while on your site.... How great would it be to know what other boats that customer was considering.... How great it would be to know if the customer had been to your site in the past...

Welcome to GREATNESS!!!

From the time a visitor steps foot on your site we track their every move. If they come back a month later we are still tracking them. When they do submit a lead, we then gather all the data we have collected and present it to you in an easy to understand and follow format. All of this is done instantly and sent to you via email with all of the lead's information. You do not have to 'login' or 'visit a website' it is all there in the email. Easily accessible and easily acted upon.

Which of the following Leads
would your Salesman spend the most time on?
Ye Olde Kicker of Tire
While tire kickers should be addressed, they are often not worthy of a dedicated sales pitch.
Educated, well researched buyer
Quality Boat Leads are hard to come by.  Don't let a good quality sales lead slip through your hands.

In a traditional lead system the lesser of the two leads may seem to be the most qualified. After all the lead states 'will be buying in two weeks'. But after seeing the Lead Trax of both leads side by side it's quite obvious which customer is committed to you and which would be the most productive to work hard.

The second lead has some meat!! Something to grab a hold of and work with. A quick scroll down the Lead Trax and a Salesman knows exactly what the customer is interested in and what they have been looking at. He can formulate a sales pitch and make suggestions based on what he knows about the customer. All of this he knows without them telling... The customer told us all of this information with their mouse.

3. Know Thyself

How can you make educated decisions about advertising, market direction, inventory, sales events, boat shows....etc without having good solid information at hand? You will be amazed at the revelations you come to once you see a visual picture of your website's traffic and lead generation.

There is more. Search Engine Optimization, Local Boating Information, Blogs, Events. SDR handles it. Contact us for more information.

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